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    Sodium Lauroyl Glutamte

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    Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate

    Sodium lauroyl glutamate is an amino acid surfactant synthesized by acylation and neutralization of lauric acid and glutamate obtained from corn fermentation. The product is white or off-white powder and particles; no special smell. 

     Product Properties:

    Sodium lauroyl glutamate is natural and mild. Besides its good surface properties, it has little irritation to skin and will not cause allergy and toxicity to skin.

    PUJI AG02-95have excellent foaming properties in a wide range of pH values (pH 5.0-9.0).

    It will produce exquisite foam under condition of weak acidic and it is suitable for development of products for sensitive skin.

    Usage Level: 5%~30%

     Package: 25KG/Carton

    Notes for Storage and handling

    Store it at cool and ventilated place. Avoid rain and strong light. Keep it sealed when not in use. Keep it away from strong acid, alkalis and oxidants. Handle with care in case of spilling.


    It is mild and will produce exquisite foam, mostly used as raw material of moisturizing facial cleanser or body washing products.