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    Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate

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    ?Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate-YG02H-95

    Sodium cocoyl glutamate is an amino acid surfactant synthesized by chemical reaction of cocoyl chloride and glutamate fermented from corn. As a natural anionic surfactant of plant-origin, sodium cocoyl glutamate has properties of low toxicity, mildness and skin-friendly in addition to its basic properties such as emulsification, washing, penetration and dissolution.

    Product Properties:

    1.Plant origin, natural and mild;

    2.It has excellent foam properties in a wide range of pH values;

    3.It will produce exquisite and soft foam with natural coconut fragrance, and has a conditioning effect on skin and hair, making it feels comfortable and soft during after washing.

    Usage Level: 5%~30%

    Package: 25KG/Carton

    Notes for Storage & Handling:

    Store it at cool and ventilated place. Avoid rain and strong light. Keep it sealed when not in use. Keep it away from strong acid, alkalis and oxidants. Handle with care in case of spilling.

    Baby cleansing products, facial cleanser, bath lotion, post-dyed shampoo, cleansing gel, foam cleanser, oral products.